Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Adventures with Felt...Day 2 In My New Work Space

Made this here little bear...all stuffed with wool and brown rice (for a little weight)...out of my fantastic new felt from She has the most amazing colors of felt that you won't find at your local craft store. I will be a life long customer. Thank you Felt Girl!
In my last post...I showed you a vintage napkin that used to be my grandmothers'. I have a set of four. I want to do so many things with them, but then I don't because they will be gone. So I decided to make some little heirloom pieces for any future little ones. So I embellished little bears belly with a patch of grandma's napkin.

I would love to hear from others creating with vintage pieces that are special to them. If you are in the process or have something in mind...feel free to share. Happy Day!
Also...drop me a line at if you have problems leaving a comment. I've heard from several people today saying they can't leave a message. Hope to figure it out soon.


  1. Just seeing if I can leave myself a comment. Hello self...get to work.

  2. hey--didn't know you started working at that clinic, thats great news. keep the posts coming :)

  3. Thanks honey...oh yeah, we have much to talk about at brunch. Can't wait. I really miss you.