Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Creativity Room

We have had this empty room in the house...It was Savanna's old room, before she moved upstairs. It had basically become the dumping ground for everything in the house that didn't have a home. It was a disaster. I got sick of it and decided it was going to be the room that holds all the art supplies...my sewing and yarn paraphernalia...fabric, etc. Some of you may know that we are awaiting a baby through adoption and this will eventually be a nursery, but for now I wanted my niece and nephew to have a place to color and make collages when they come over. I also wanted to organize all my supplies to make my business run smoother. I'm posting a before and after picture. I can't stop looking at the room. The cats love exploring it...and I can turn on some music and work without distraction. Best of all...I don't have to keep the door of this room closed anymore because I am so embarrassed of it. My favorite part of the room is the laundry line...it is holding my very favorite pictures that Savanna made for me when she was little. Please excuse the picture quality. I have been struggling with my camera of late. I've been tweaking a trying different things, but am just not happy with the pictures it has been taking.

Savanna's old bed. I remember when we bought this pretty thing. That was when she was still into "girlie" notions...flowers, fairies, etc. Now she's upstairs in her hot pink and chocolate bedroom with her ipod...ihome...i'mateenager.
After getting all the clutter cleared out...this is what was left. The walls aren't the prettiest color of blue. It is a bit pale and that is why we never finished painting it. There is still some of the soft green around the top of the room. We chose this blue as a transition...that way when this does become the nursery, it could be unisex. However, don't love the color, but for now it's gonna have to do.

This table and chairs belonged to Stan's grandma and grandpa. We've had it since we got married. It used to sit in the kitchen in our first house...then it was in front of our window in the living room at our current house. I moved it this year to put the tree there. After all the decorations came down, the feeling of space there was incredible. I didn't want to put it back. I'm happy to have given it a new life in the creativity room. Now my niece and nephew can sit here and color...or Savanna can use it to make her collages...last night I sat here and sewed a new little teddy bear for a friend's baby.

My favorite part of the room...love the idea of being able to hang all of the kid's artwork and anything else that I am inspired by at the moment. You can see all of Savanna's art from when she was little. There is also a napkin that I am very enamored with right now. It used to belong to my grandma and I'm thinking up a project for it right now.
This little lovely just had to go on the wall. I ordered this from one of my favorite shops on etsy. www.pupa.etsy.com. You must look at all the unique goodness in her shop. Love his face. I bought this as a gift for any future babies that may find their way into my arms and heart. Here's hoping.
One of Savanna's earlier drawings. This is the cat...Patch. I want desperately to embroider him onto a pillow. I think he is so cute. He makes me smile whenever I see him. Knew I had to have him over my workspace.

Been making these little kitties for Savanna for years...she decided one day to draw them. They are dear to me.
a hodge-podge of blank scrapbooks ready for creating...books on drawing, basket of yarn for crocheting up something new...odd buttons and lace to go onto a collage or as a hook for a sachet...

I painted this little dresser when Savanna was a toddler. It was the ugliest banana yellow when we purchased it at a garage sale. I painted it a soft ivory and gave it pretty pale green scallops around the drawers. Stan and I searched every antique store in town for a full collection of glass pulls. Now it holds a treasure of supplies for creating.
Awww... Patch...See, doesn't he make you smile too?
I forgot that I had this little curtain. It was tucked away at the top of my linen closet. Bought it when Savanna was little. Never put it up for some reason. I love it because it has pockets in it. I love anything with pockets. The idea of tucking leaves and twigs from a walk...or stashing some lavender in there...anything. I have pinned up some of my favorite snapshots and I love the gossamer quality the curtain gives as the backdrop. I have also strung the window with some white lights covered with paper doilies and white cupcake liners.
Savanna's fish...Rue and Savanna Jr. They are much happier in the new room. A pile of felt that I just got from one of my favorite shops...www.feltgirl.etsy.com. She has felt colors you didn't think existed. No more ugly felt from my local craft shops. It's a bit pricier, but so worth it.
More of grandma's napkins...an Anthropologie catalogue for inspiration, an old tin filled with vintage ribbon (smells a little musty, but will be useful for sure), a kid's crochet book that I'd like to teach Chloe out of, and a favorite porcelain pony that has been put to work holding crayons.
My Papa gave this easel to Savanna for her birthday last year. I spent about 4 hours one morning putting it together. The directions were in sanskrit, I'm sure and Stan kept offering help. I was bound and determined to put it together myself. I did and it hasn't fallen apart yet. It is holding a picture Savanna started about 3 years ago. She hates it and has declared that it will remain unfinished. I quite like it though.
Grandma Johnson's napkin. In a later post I will show you what I have made from it.
A compilation of springtime crafts...I'm happy to be needing these soon.


  1. What a magical room you've created for yourself! I'm equal parts jealous and happy for you. *hugs*

  2. aww thanks Sam...you can come play anytime!