Sunday, March 1, 2009

Incense and Herbs...

Well...I have no pictures, but I will always remember my first trip to this beautiful temple. As soon as we walked in the smell of incense and herbs greeted us. A friend of mine who goes to temple regularly was already inside and we didn't know anyone else. Savanna and I were feeling a little shy, but I was so happy to have my girl with me. We observed the sign about not wearing shoes in the temple and proceeded to the shoe and coat room. Everywhere we looked there were smiling faces...little children running and laughing. Some people were in study groups...some were just milling around looking at the beautiful statues...some were gathering fruit and herbs for the various altars...and some were just visiting. We found my friend and she introduced us to some people. All of them were so very welcoming and warm. My favorite part of our visit was the tour that was given to us by Sri Acharyagi. He showed us all around, explaining the various deities...telling us about the festivals. Although he is so very busy, he took the time to really talk with us and learn about us. He asked Savanna what she thought and included her in the conversation. When Sri Acharyagi listens to you, he really listens. We really enjoyed our time spent in this most peaceful of places. We will surely be visiting again soon.

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