Saturday, March 7, 2009

I've Been Bad...

Been a few days since I last posted. I'm really trying though. (*_*) It's been a busy week of trying to catch up on orders...take care of a sick girl...and try to keep well myself. I finished up on this little sweetie a while back. I did something a little different with this one. I filled the ends of the hands and feet and ears and his bootie with a little brown rice for weight. Stay tuned...I'm going to be debuting some new little creations this next week.


  1. This little one is sooo cute! Looking forward to your new creations! Hope your girl is getting better. Have a lovely merry happy rest of the weekend!

  2. Thank you Jqline. We are all feeling better. I'm so glad you like the new creation. It is supposed to be a puppy, but I think it looks like more of a lamb. Oh well. I'm going to be around this week...I hope we can chat and catch up. Hugs.

  3. Sorry you had a sick and busy week, those are never fun! Glad you're back. The puppy's precious, his face has so much character.

  4. Thanks so much Sam. Everyone is feeling much better. I never got the crud so that really helped. I've been getting regular massages all winter and I think that has really helped. Release those toxins!
    Hope you are well. I need to stop by your blog too. I wish there were more hours in the day. I know you know what I mean.